Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rufus Harley

The late Rufus Harley decided to learn how to play the bagpipes as a young boy after he heard the Scottish Black Watch Regiment perform in President John F. Kennedy's funeral procession. He bought an old bagpipe at a pawn shop and also learned to play the sax.

As the first and only jazz bagpipe player Rufus was something of an oddity. He led the first Atlantic City St. Patrick's Day Parade down the boardwalk, played the sax in Eddie & the Cruisers' band and performed at Wayne Piersanti's Shire Tavern on the Washington Street Mall in Cape May where I took the black and white photo of him that's out of focus.

While a comment has been made that that is not a photo of Rufus, by a member of his family, who should know, I distinctly recall taking the photo sometime in the late 1980s and believe it is him. -


Jazz said...

Thanks for posting the blog on my father, however that picture is not my father. Would you kindly post the correct picture of my dad.

Peace and Love,


Bill Kelly said...

Hi, I took the photo of Rufus at the Shire Tavern in Cape May in the 1980s. I believe it is him, but will check further and if it isn't I will remove it. Thanks for commenting.