Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mike Pedicin, Jr. Monday Nites at Sandi Point Loft

Mike Pedicin, Jr. leads the jazz jam on sax Monday and every Monday night in the Loft at Sandi Point in Somers Point.

When he was a kid Mike used to play a toy sax at the feet of his father, the leader of the house band at the old Bay Shores nightclub. Mike Pedicin, Sr. had one hit song, "Shake A Hand," but he didn't like to travel to promote it, and just stayed around Somers Point and Philly area.

While his dad was early rock & roll and r & b, Mike, Jr. liked jazz, and traveled extensively with Dave Brubeck (Take Five) and other top flight acts before settling down in Atlatnic City where he ran his BayShores Music company and was entertainment director at the Trop casino.

Now he's promoting jazz in Somers Point, the Somers Point Jazz Society events (Blue Moon Summer Series), doing a jazz education program at the Ocean City Library and playing every Monday night in the loft at Sandi Point (formerlly Mac's).

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