Saturday, July 30, 2011

Caroline's Bay Ave & Longport Blvd.

Caroline's - Bay Ave. & Longport Blvd. is now run by Caroline, whose father Dave Tyson passed away last year.

Dave was a building contractor who was partners with Bill Morris, who purchased the historic Anchorage Tavern down the street and had Tyson renovate it.

Dave then purchased the old strip joint on the Cardiff Circle after Gov. Christie Whitman complained about it during a visit to the FAA's NAFAC research center near the Atlantic City airport, so Dave got rid of the girls and renamed it Chrstie's after the governor.

I understand Dave also bought and restored the old Barington bar near Wayne Kline's home.

Caroline's used to be an Hawaiian themed bar and restaurant in the Sixties, before becoming the Rock Box in the Seventies, which featured live bands, and then a sports bar.

When Dave bought it, with two lawyers as partners, he divided the building into offices for the lawyers and leased out an upscale plumbing retail store, then expanded the bar towards the bayside, adding a dining room and porch.

Inside, he laid out Caroline's bar exactly as he had done at the Anchorage, with a large rectangle bar in the middle and covered the walls with old, framed photos and memorabilia.

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