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Bill Kelly's first novel - The Long Cool Summer of '65 Revisited

The Long Cool Summer of '65 Revisited  - Bill Kelly's first novel is light summer fiction, set in America's Greatest Family Resort in its most sinful hey days, where Easy Rider meets American Graffiti and collides with A Confederacy of Dunces.

"Awesome read" - Greg Gregory

"Great stuff!" - Publisher Rob Huberman

"Wow, sure brings back memories. Keep them coming. Your painting pictures and tickling memories and making us all feel younger. Thanks, Your summer friend from the summer of '69"
- Marks Connally

"Great, with an outstanding reminisce of the old school of life, from Somers Point all the way down. The entertainment in that era was astounding, the Jersey Shore produced so much talent that it later was recognized as the capitol of music in America. Good job, Bill, once again you have demonstrated what a great journalist/writer you are without a doubt..." - Joe Amato - Baltimore, Md. 

Legal Disclaimer

This is a novel work of historical fiction. The events described actually occurred and most of the characters are real, though a few are composites based on people known to the author. Any similarity to any persons living or dead is intentional.

Any name spellings, typos and errata will be corrected by contacting the author at

Libel threats and civil suits can be directed to Murphy's Law 

Waiting on the Angels - The Long Cool Summer of '65 Revisited -

Act I - Episode 1 - Summer of '65: Summer of '65 Revisited - Part 1

Episode 2 - Prologue - Summer of '65: Prologue - Episode 2 The Murder of Harry Anglemeyer

Episode 3 - Summer of '65: Episode 3 - The Beach and Boardwalk

Episode 4 - Summer of '65: Episode 4 - Hitting the Point

Episode 5 - Summer of '65: Episode 5 - The Bikers' Threaten to Return

Episode 6 - Summer of '65: Episode 6 - The Hangover League Plays Ball

Episode 7 - Summer of '65: Episode 7 - The Contingency Plan Unfolds

Episode 8 - Summer of '65: Episode 8 - Infiltrating Bay Shore

Episode 9 - Summer of '65: Episode 9 - The Hawks Check In

Episode 10 - Summer of '65: Episode 10 - The Hawks Kick In at Tony Marts

Episode 11 - Summer of '65: Episode 11 - The Chatterbox - Ninth Street Scene and Seaview Party

Episode 12 - Summer of '65: Episode 12 Conway Returns to Tony Marts and the Second Coming of Tito Mambo

Episode 13 - Summer of '65: Episode 13 - The Sin Cities of the East - The Media Gets Wind of the Story

Episode 14 - Summer of '65: Episode 14 - Flashback - Opening Bay Shores for the Season

Act II - Waiting on the Angels - The Long Cool Summer of '65 Plays Out

Episode One - The KYW TV Crew Comes to Town
Summer of '65

Episode 2 – Flashback – Bayshore's Manager Jack Murray and Elwood Kirkman discuss the status of the Anglemeyer murder case.

Episode 3 – The Movies, Songs and Soundtrack of the Long Cool Summer of '65

Episode 4 – The Old Salt, Jiggs, Freddie Prinz, Danny Davis, the Hippies and other assorted Boardwalk Characters profiled

Episode 5 – The Ocean City Council Meeting in which the beaches are closed at night and music is banned on the beach and boardwalk.

Episode 6 – The Dark Side of the Sin Cities – Judge Helfant's Midnight Kangaroo Court, Dirty Deals Gone Bad and the Anglemeyer Trials and Tribulations.

Episode 7 – Mary Martin, the Secretary who Changed the World, Dylan Checks out the Hawks and Phones In.

Episode 8 – The Real Stories Behind the Lyrics, Trips to Camden and Nazareth with Wordman.

Episode 9 – The Princess Returns to her Roots.

Episode 10 – Conway Twitty, Levon and Robbie Go to the City – The Hangover League Resumes Play

Episode 11 – The Barbarians Unite – California 99 Percenters Take Labor Day Cross Country Run from West Coast to Ocean City. - Billy Bader Sent In Undercover

Episode 12 – The Hawks Check Out Early – Tony Throws them a Party


ACT III – The Grand Finale – Riot and All Hell Breaks Loosse

Episode 1 – Operation Barbarians Meet – Thursday before Labor Day Weekend – LBJ Phones In.

Episode 2 – Friday of Labor Day Weekend – Mitch Rider and the Devil with the Blue Dress Hit the Point -

Episode 3 – Saturday – Tido Mambo Walks on Water at 9th Street Beach – Causes Commotion.

Episode 4 – Sunday – The 99 Percenters – “We are the New Barbarians” Arrive – Tido Mambo, the Hippies and Pete Carroll and Carroll Brothers commit civil disobedience by playing music on the beach and get arrested.

Episode 5 – Monday – Labor Day – When OCPD Attempts to Enforce No-Muisc Law a Riot Erupts and All Hell Breaks Loose.

AFTERMATH – The Day After – Jack Murray Closes and Locks Bay Shores for the Season.

What Became of? - List of Characters, in the order of their appear. 

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