Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Merion Inn Fire


Merion Inn Fire, Christmas Eve, 2010
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The Merion Inn on Decatur Street in Cape May had a serious fire on Christmas Eve, and while everyone got out okay, including George Mesterhazy and his girlfriend, her brother was seriously injured.

After a cleanup and rehab of the damage, they reopened in time for New Years and should be back in business now.

Looking forward to stopping by and seeing George during this spring Cape May Jazz Fest.

This fire could have been a disaster, not only to those who were there, but to everyone who ever enjoyed the place, one of Cape May's most historic bars and restaurants.

Built circa 18?? by members of the exclusive Merion Golf and Cricket Club in Philadelphia, the Merion Inn catered to those who enjoyed living first class.

The old hardwood bar against the wall is one of Cape May's oldest, possibly challenged only by Prince Edward at the Chalfonte Hotel.

George Mesterhazy, who I know from the old Atlantic City Days, has been behind the baby grand for years now, and whenever there's some musicians or singers in town they usually stop by to say hello to George and end up jamming or singing along.

At least we can depend on George being there next time we're in town.

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