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Fake Kurt Loder Facebook


Fake Kurt Loder Facebook
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I was briefly taken in by the new Facebook page for Kurt Loder.

At first I thought it possible, but then after reading a few of the comments made by "Kurt Loder," I immediately realized it was either a joke or a mediocre pretender.

Others were apparently taken in too, like Roger Hughes, an old Army buddy from Munich who I'm sure Kurt would like to reestablish contact with or just say hello, and the women who went to OCHS with Kurt back in the Sixties.

But then reading the comments "Kurt Loder" posted, it was immediatly clear that whoever this character is, it isn't Kurt Loder, and must be somebody that not only doesn't work with him, or know him, but hasn't even read his stuff.

I tried to post a comment exposing this fraud, noting that the real Kurt Loder would never say any music is "cool," or "Kurt Loder Rules!" but they won't let me expose them on their own page, so I'll do it here.

Kurt would not ask people to "never forget" him, or ask anyone who loves him to say so or post it. And he would never ask anyone to promote him in any way.

And he certainly didn't "always enjoy interviewing musicians," but thought it was work, and tedious work at that. He didn't think that most of those he interviewed were doing anything "really groundbreaking and fascinating" or even interesting, and with only a few exceptions (ie. Keith Richards, Captain Beefheart).

Kurt Loder is an interesting person, a good guy, a smart guy, a neat acquaintance, fine friend, excellent writer and good guitarist.

But he didn't enjoy interviewing idiot celebrities, thought the most significant music went unhearld. He despised the direction that music video television went, and didn't follow it there.

Now he's writing good film reviews, and sometimes his reviews are better than the movies he's writing about.

But he's not on Facebook, and probably doesn't even know there's an idiot imposter posting junk under his good name.

L. Korkos: I went to school with you Class of 63 O.C., N.J. must say you did your homrwork and loved English

January 24 at 9:28pm
Roger Hughes: Kurt , this Roger Hughes your old Army Buddy in Munic Germany , Hope that You Remember ...

December 28, 2010 at 1:19pm
Kurt, I remember reading your book on Tina Turner and borrowing it from my local library in my teen years... and growing up watching MTV watching you interview Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor and soooo many artists/bands I listen to.

Being the music journalist you are... stay true to what you're doing because I'm ...sure it's working!

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November 18, 2010

Kurt Loder: hey thanks for the comments. always enjoyed interviewing the musicians who were making some really groundbreaking and fascinating stuff. i look forward to previewing some really cool music here on this fan page real soon. stay tuned, and thanks again.

November 19, 2010 at 5:54am · Eric Cobain hey kurt how did you feel about interviewing nirvana when they were around

Kurt Loder: If you really love Kurt Loder, post how much you love Kurt Loder and help promote this page and Kurt Loder's legacy to the World Forever!!!!!!

November 18, 2010 at 12:07pm
Kurt Loder: Kurt rules FOREVER!!! Never Forget Kurt Loder!!!!

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