Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wayne Kline at Bay Shores Parking lot

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Photo Credit: Roger D. Evoy - (Stolen from Bill Carr's Picasa Porfolio collection - thanks's Bill and Roger, you guys are the best!)

Here's a photo Roger Evoy took of the old Bay Shores in Somers Point during the day. Roger caught the band unloading their equipment from a van and Wayne Kline walking across the parking lot that John McCann, Jr. paid him to clean up of bottles and paper and junk. See how clean it is.

Roger is a good friend of Carmen Marotta, and took a lot of really great photos of both Bay Shores and Tony Marts in their hey day, or rather near the end of their hey days.

Wayne Kline is a real character, a paraplegic who was born prematurely and defected by a drunk doctor, he lived in Barringtion with his fine parents and graduated from Haddon Heights High School and got a college degree in accounting. While he cleaned the Bay Shores parking lot for beer money, he later worked at the Atlantic City and Mays Landing Country Clubs, as the golf cart manager. You should have seen him riding around in a golf cart!

Wayne lived for many years at 816 Wesley Ave., the Staley Home, directly across the street from my home at 819 Wesley. Because we were neighbors, and even after he moved to the apartment complex at 5th and West Ave., I gave Wayne rides to and from Somers Point all the time. When his parents would visit from Barrington, in Camden County, they would always bring me a bag full of fine Jersey tomatoes that they grew in their backyard.

A lot of people knew Wayne from his riding his three-wheeled bicycle on the boardwalk and around town, and at the bar at Gregory's and the Anchorage, where he would often join the locals for a screwdriver or a beer.

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